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Summer Styles

Saddle & Brown Cowhide left to right Brown Cowhide Quick View Summer Styles

Men's Molded Sole Moccasins

These leather moccasins with sidewall stitched soles are flexible, lightweight, and comfortable.
$86.50 - $97.00
Saddle & Brown Deertan (top to bottom) Saddle & Brown Cowhide (left to right) Quick View Summer Styles

Men's Wrap-Around Rubber Sole Shoes

These moccasins for men, with durable, yet comfortably flexible rubber soles, are a customer favorite.
$95.25 - $108.00
Gray Deerskin (6 petal) & Creme Deertan (6 petal) - left to right Saddle Deertan (6 petal) Quick View Summer Styles

Women's Flower Toe Shoes (6 petal)

These comfortable shoes feature a decorative floral design with contrasting leather and hand-stitched detailing.
$112.50 - $128.00
Brown, Dogwood & Sage (left to right) Brown Flowered Leather Quick View Summer Styles

Women's Flowered Leather Shoes

Attractive and comfortable, these flower patterned shoes are made of soft suede and lined with deerskin.
Coral Rose, Sage, Dogwood, Denim, Saddle, Black, Burgundy, from L to R Shown in Sage, Dogwood & Coral Rose, from left to right Quick View Summer Styles

Women's Suede Flower Shoes

This attractive style with fringe and decorative accent on the tongue is made of genuine cowhide suede with soft deerskin lining.


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