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Are you looking for leather moccasins, boots or comfortable shoes with the quality of American craftsmanship?
Try Footskins handmade moccasin styled footwear.

Footwear made in USA by Footskins®

Footwear by Footskins®
507-498-3707  or  888-720-3131

Offering deerskin moccasins, deertan or cowhide leather moccasins, shoes, knee high boots, and sheepskin slippers

Our premium handmade moccasins, comfort shoes and moccasin boots
are all American made and are designed to be long-lasting and comfortable.

Spring Styles!


Discover the comfort of Footskins'®
quality leather footwear in styles
for men, women and children.


American Made!



All our hand made deerskin, deertan
and cowhide leather products are completely
made in USA!



Suede Flower Shoes!


~ Quality leather products ~
Handcrafted from U.S. leathers
with attention to detail



Knee High Boots!


Consider a pair of soft leather moccasin slippers, moccasin shoes or boots.
Footwear by Footskins® moccasin kneeboots and chukka boots
are comfortable and durable for outdoor people who want
lasting wear and the ultimate in comfort.

Choose from a variety of leather moccasin styles and colors
in deerskin, deertan or tumbled cowhide,
hand made from all
USA leathers.

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Baby Booties
Baby Booties
Women's Boots
Walking Boots/TPR Soles
Women's Shoes
Women's Shoes
Men's Slippers
Men's Slippers

What Makes Footskins'® Footwear Special?

Made In America: Our moccasins and leather boots are 100% made in the USA. Each pair of moccasins or boots is hand crafted using only genuine American deerskin, deertan leather or cowhide leather.

Genuine Leather Products: Hand made moccasins are made of high grade deerskin leather, deertan leather or cowhide leather. The moccasins have hand-laced toes, and soles that are both glued and stitched by hand, for long-lasting quality.

Handmade Quality: Being handmade rather than mass-produced, each pair of leather moccasins is carefully crafted with much attention given to detail. The result is a moccasin product with guaranteed high quality workmanship and craftsmanship that you can count on. Our deerskin, deertan and cowhide leather moccasin product line includes moccasin shoes and moccasin slippers, plus Teepee Boots, ankle high, chukka-style moccasin boots, and knee high moccasin boots.

Chukka Boots
Men's Boots
Men's Shoes
Men's Shoes
Knee High Boots
Knee High Boots
Teepee Boots
Teepee Boots

AMERICAN MADE SHOESEmail from a Virginia customer: "First we want to thank you for the AMERICAN MADE SHOES. It is so hard now to find anything made here in the UNITED STATES. The shoes fit so nice and feel good. . .You will continue to get our business and I will definitely tell all of my family. Thank you again. God bless the USA. "




P.O. Box 146, 110 E. Main St., Spring Grove, MN 55974
Phone & Fax: 507-498-3707 · Ordering: 888-720-3131





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